About us

KRISHGEN BioSystems (KRISHGEN) is privately-owned biotech firm set-up in CA with academic linkages to provide tools to scientists. With the strong background in immunology, we believe in the delivering quality kits, reagents and consumables. We meet the needs of our biopharmaceutical and preclinical customers by providing a range of Research Use Only kits for researchers. We offer fully-optimized and validated products for ensuing preclinical and clinical studies. Our ELISA kits and other products are an innovative cost effective tool for disease research, drug discovery & development, and molecular diagnostic test development.
KRISHGEN takes a highly collaborative approach to business relationships with its customers and partners. We are committed to providing our customers with world-class solutions, service and support. Our track record of delivering innovative new products, by distribution arrangements with leading companies worldwide or the judicious interface with the academia has given us the broadest range of products available. The strength lies in our ability to understand technologies and support the scientists with technical backup and strong logistics.


We believe in transparency in our dealings with our users, customers. We are Satisfying and assuring our customers of quality and support.


KRISHGEN follows good quality manufacturing, laboratory and documentation practices that ensure consistent high quality response.