THERANYX offers products intended to aid researchers get a more diverse and precise characterization of receptor interaction with chemical compounds, natural extracts, peptides and proteins.

We are proud to offer an exhaustive collection of purified receptors from Theranyx as ready-to-use products or inducible cell lines for expressing these receptors, with following applications:

  • Electrophysiology on planar lipid bilayers.
  • Patch clamp electrophysiology on reconstituted vesicle.
  • Antibody/binder/peptide selection by phage display (or other display approaches)
  • DNA labelled chemical library screening
  • Immunization
  • Binding experiment by SPR
  • Binding experiment by Thermophorese
  • Pull down assays
  • Radio or fluorescent ligand binding
  • Electro-microscopy
  • Native Gel
  • Analytical gel filtration
  • Thermo calorimetric measurement
  • 2D/3D crystallisation and structure resolution
  • NMR spectra (small molecule screening)
  • Mass spectrometry (small molecule screening, epitope mapping)
  • Western blot

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