Solutions for Perfusion and Preservation for Heart, Liver, Pancreas, Kidneys

KRIBIOSOL (BIOLASOL) organ perfusion solution Water for injection is a clear, colourless (or slightly yellow) solution. The solution has an approximate calculated osmolarity of 330 mOsm/kg, a sodium concentration of 105 mmol/l, a potassium concentration of 10 mmol/l, and a pH of 7,4 at room temperature.

Exclusively intended for professional use, KRIBIOSOL (Biolasol) solution is intended for ex vivo organs perfusion and preservation (heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys) under hypothermic conditions or for the organs preservation using static method during transplantation – from the time of organ removal from the donor, through the storage and transportation, to the time of transplantation into a receiver.

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