PCR assays permit permits early diagnosis of diseases such as leukemia andlymphomas,. They can also be performed directly on genomic DNA samples to detect translocation-specific disease genes at a sensitivity that is at least 10,000 fold higher than that of other methods. PCR assays also permits identification of non-cultivatable or slow-growing microorganisms such as mycobacteria, anaerobic bacteria, or viruses from tissue culture assays and animal models.

Viral DNA can likewise be detected by PCR assay. The high sensitivity of the assay permits virus detection soon after infection and even before the onset of disease. Such early detection may give physicians a significant lead time in treatment. The amount of virus ("viral load") in a patient can also be quantified by PCR-based DNA quantitation techniques.

Bioron Diagnostics

Bioron Diagnostics provides more than 500 different types of PCR diagnostic kits for clinical, veterinary diagnostics and GMO. Kits are designed according to laboratory facilities for electrophorese, FEP and Real-Time PCR detection.


Norgen recently launched over 30 kits for nucleic-acid based diagnostics. This new basket of products includes kits for the diagnosis of human pathogens from both urine and plasma/serum. In terms of diagnostic kits for the human pathogens, particular attention has been paid to the development of kits based on non-invasive sample preparation.

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