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Moltox is the leading manufacturer of products for use in the Ames Salmonella mutagenicity test. Our culture media, tester strains, S9, cofactors and positive controls are distributed worldwide. Genetic toxicology encompasses studies aiming to identify and analyze agents exhibiting toxicity directed at the hereditary components of organisms. Agents found to induce heritable lesions in nucleic acids are classified as genotoxins. Moltox manufactures a complete family of products that are required for the conduct of genotoxicity assays with emphasis on microbial mutagenicity.

Episkin, world leader in tissue engineering for human in vitro skin and epithelial models. The purpose of the company is to offer to the global scientific community, academic and industries reliable and relevant in vitro tools for safety testing and efficacy profiling to support research and development activities. Episkin developed in the early 90, our unique cell culture process allows to mass produce in vitro various models of reconstructed human tissues with well characterized histology, functionality and ultrastructure features.

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