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KRISHGEN successfully offers its new glycosylation range of products including PNGase F enzyme for de-glycosylation, 2AB Labelling Kits and Glycan Standards under the KRISHZYME brand.

KRISHGEN has successfully developed and achieved CE certification for its Biomonitoring Kits for Therapeutic Mabs. This enables the kits to be marked as IVD. These include ELISA kits for Rituximab, Adalimumab, Trastuzumab, Eculizumab, Cetuximab amongst others.

The uniqueness of these kits is the high degree of validation including correlation to the innovator / reference drugs available in the market. Each assay for measurement of the dr

KRISHGEN BIOSYSTEMS, today announced that, it has successfully developed the first commercial testing kit for detection of Nipah Virus based on the ELISA platform. The three kits can be used to detected the Nipah virus antigen and the IgG / IgM antibodies.

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