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Human IL-8 ELISA

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1 x 96 wells

Enzyme Immunoassay for the quantitative determination of Human IL-8 in serum, plasma and cell culture supernatant.

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Interleukin-8 (IL-8) is a cytokine produced by many normal cells including monocytes, neutrophils, fibroblasts, and endothelial cells, as well as by several types of tumor cells, which served as a chemotactic factor for neutrophils and lymphocytes.
It is an important protein related to inflammation, where it plays a key role in the recruitment of neutrophils and other immune cells to the site of infection.
It has been shown to be involved in many cellular processes including cell proliferation, tissue remodeling, and angiogenesis.

IL-8 and COVID-19:
Interleukin 8 is a pro-inflammatory  chemokine involved in the cytokine release syndrome in COVID patients.
It plays a key role in the recruitment and activation of neutrophils during inflammation ad given the frequent neutrophilia observed in patients infected with SARS-CoV-2,it is possible that IL-8 contributes to COVID-19 pathophysiology.
The GENLISA™ ELISA kits are used for assessing the specific biomarker in samples analytes which may be serum, plasma and cell culture supernatant as validated with the kit. The kit employs a sandwich ELISA technique which leads to a higher specificity and increased sensitivity compared to conventional competitive ELISA kits which employ only one antibody. Double antibodies are used in this kit.
Suppliers Krishgen Biosystems
Other Specifications Sample : serum, plasma and cell culture supernatant. Detection : Quantitative
Reactivity or Species Human IL-8
Sensitivity please refer to kit insert
Calibrator Range 15.63pg/ml-1000pg/ml -Please note that it is tecommended to follow the protocol/ reference values as per the kit insert / instructions for use provided with the kit and not use the one from our website, as the same is subject to changes.
Storage Condition 2-8 Deg.C
Usage For Research Use Only
Specificity Human
ELISA Type Sandwich

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