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KRISHGEN offers a variety of research tools to estimate and detect the biomarker/ molecule of interest. Our range includes proteins, antibodies, assay components, kits for measuring cytokines, chemokines, cytotoxicity, cell biology, kinase activity, phosphatase activity, protease activity, hormones amongst others.

With an aim to cater to the life science community, we have partnered to being a range of products from across the world with a bouquet of various technologies and cutting edge reagents. We encourage you to explore our website.

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For nearly 20 years, Abraxis has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing rapid environmental, food, and life sciences test systems, including immunochemistry products and methods, to meet the testing needs of research and industry. Many of the products are validated/verified by agencies such as US EPA, USDA, USGS, FDA, Japanese Ministry of the Environment, and WHO.

The founders and top scientists from Arbor Assays have been researching and developing high quality assay kits since 1982. DetectX, ThioStar, Arbor Assays Logo are Registered Trademarks of Arbor Assays Inc and are the lead product ranges for a wide range of assays. Arbor Assays NEVER compromises on Quality. Throughout its product range, the phrase �N-Cal�� is there. This refers to kits where the standard is calibrated to WHO or US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Reference Materials. Any kit is only as good as the standard that it is referenced against.

Bangs Laboratories� 30 years of experience in microsphere synthesis and fine particle analysis have established them as a leading manufacturer of polymer, silica and magnetic microspheres to diagnostic companies and instrument manufacturers. Bangs understand what it takes to get new assays and instruments to market, and have the products and the know-how to support customers in their development process.

For over 20 years, BioChain had been committed to empowering researcher with high quality biospecimens, tools for sample preparation and analysis, and bio-assays to accelerate the development and commercialization of diagnostics, therapeutics and medicine. Its new products include the cfDNA extraction kit and CancerSeq.

Chondrex�s mission is to accelerate the rate of discovery in immunology research by providing scientists with high quality, reliable products that are backed by friendly, prompt and knowledgeable staff. Products include Highly Purified Cartilage Collagen for Collagen-Induced Arthritis (CIA) model of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Arthrogen-CIA Arthritogenic Monoclonal Antibody Cocktail for Collagen-Antibody Induced Arthritis (CAIA) Model of Rheumatoid Arthritis, HMGB1 Detection Kit, Human & Mouse Cytokine Detection Assays, Anti-E. coli and Anti-LPS Antibody Assay Kits, Anti-Staphylococcal Enterotoxin A (SEA) and Enterotoxin B (SEB) Detection Assay Kits, ChonBlock ELISA Blocking Buffer and Western Blot Blocking Buffer, Type I and Type II Collagen Detection ELISAs.

Cisbio Bioassays is a privately held life sciences company committed to improving human healthcare. It has a portfolio of over 460 proprietary assays and reagents is used by pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academia and contract research organizations worldwide to help generate effective therapies. Cisbio Bioassays began as a developer of immunoassays. In the 1990s, we combined this know-how with Nobel prize-winning chemistry research to create Homogeneous Time Resolved Fluorescence (HTRF), a breakthrough technology whose advanced properties continue to enhance and accelerate the drug discovery process.

Detroit R& D (DRD) is an NIH SBIR-sponsored company that specializes in the development and manufacture of ELISA, antibodies and assay kits for research, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Hooke was founded in 2007. The company is named after Robert Hooke, F.R.S. (1635-1703), the world�s first professional scientist and discoverer of the cell. Products include antigens, tissues, and reagents for experimental induced autoimmune encephalomyelitis and collagen induced arthritis.

Immutopics now acquired and brand of Quidel Inc, USA specializes in bone health assays and reagents. Its unique products include FGF3 ELISA amongst others.

KinesisDx focuses on diagnostics and research to offer a wide range of competitively priced antibodies, enzymatic assays, ELISA and HPLC kits worldwide. It�s unique assays include enzymatic reagents and speciality assays for coagulation and biomarkers. With many citations and publications, KinesisDx offer quality and sensitive products.

Kreative established since 2014 is a US company offering quality antibodies and ELISA kits for the life sciences community. The wide range of antibodies and quality ELISA makes it a great choice for the researcher.

Mabtech supplies a wide range of antibodies to cytokines, immunoglobulins and apolipoproteins. They are specialized in ELISpot, FluoroSpot and ELISA and provide reagents for use in many research fields.

Founded in 1995 in Uppsala, Sweden, Medicago is celebrating more than 20 years of continuous service to the life science research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. We specialize in the design, development and manufacture of user-friendly research bio-reagents plus diagnostic and biochemical kits.

Molecular Innovations is a primary manufacturer of research antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits. It specialize in coagulation and thrombolysis reagents including PAI-1, tPA, urokinase, clotting factors, vitronectin, fibrinogen, fibronectin, clotting factors, prorenin/renin, albumin, and immunoglobulins.

The company provides biomedical researchers with the best tools available for the analysis of Oxidative Stress and Chronic Inflammation � two of the most important risk factors that play key roles in the development of a wide range of human illness, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and neurodegeneration.

PROGEN has been an established manufacturer and supplier of premium antibodies, in vitro diagnostics, and reagents for the global life science research community. The company�s portfolio attracts and serves a well-diversified clientele in research institutes and universities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as private and clinical laboratories. While PROGEN �s antibodies are among the most published antibodies in biomedical and cell biology literature, its ELISA kits aim at niche markets in microbiology, infectious diseases, and immunology.

QuickZyme Biosciences is an innovative life sciences company providing the research community with new and unique products with added value in the field of matrix related proteins, enzymes and assays.

Signalway Antibody LLC is located in College Park, Maryland, USA. The company is committed to providing high-quality research reagents such as antibodies, proteins, cytokines, ELISA kits, Inhibitors and compound libraries etc. for life science companies, universities and research institutes around the world. Currently the products cover cell signal transduction, cancer, stem cell, neuroscience and other research areas.

Southern Biotech is dedicated to the development, production, purification, conjugation, and commercialization of the world�s highest quality antibodies for research use. As one of the world�s oldest antibody companies, many of the customers began using their reagents as students; and now, they continue to do so as heads of major academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and governmental research labs.

Cytokines are a broad range of structurally diverse molecular families and individual proteins known for their role in immune system function. Cytokines are small cell-signalling protein molecules and their activities include regulating cell activation, haematopoiesis, apoptosis, cell migration, and cell proliferation. We offer the broadest and widest range of cytokine assays for multiple species including amongst others human, rat, mouse, rabbit, goat, chicken, bovine, porcine.

We have been manufacturers of ELISAs since 2008 and have numerous publications citing our products primarily KRISHGEN Cytokine ELISA kits provides three formats

  • 96 well microplate kit which is validated and ready to use. The plates are precoated.
  • Bulk Packs of 5 x 96 well or 10 x 96 well microplate kits which are validated and ready to use. The plates are precoated.
  • Bulk Pack of 15 x 96 well kits which are not ready to use. Only the coating / detection antibodies, standards and conjugate are supplied. The coating has to be done by the user. The user has to procure the substrates, microplates, wash buffers and assay diluents if required.
KRISHGEN Cytokine ELISA Kits are based on the direct sandwich technique. All kits include including two antibodies directed against separate antigenic determinants on the particular cytokine molecule, one antibody coated on the plate and one biotinylated antibody for detection. The bound antibody is detected by conjugation reaction of avidin-HRP or streptavidin-HRP and addition of TMB substrate.

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