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Biochemicals & Reagents

Krishgen is a leader in providing innovative products and services for life science research and drug discovery. We offer a wide selections of quality chemicals in high purity and convenient sizes. We do not only provide chemicals listed in the catalog, but can also supply many chemicals that are not listed here. Please contact us with your request. Bulk orders of chemicals are also available.

  1. Enzyme Inhibitors
  2. Enzyme Substrates
  3. Compound Libraries
  4. Other Biochemicals

Besides, we also distribute for leading international companies –

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  • Compound Libraries
  • Enzyme Inhibitors
  • Enzyme Substrates
  • Other Biochemicals
Products Available From

COMBI-BLOCKS is a research-based manufacturer and worldwide supplier of combinatorial building blocks, organics and fine chemicals. Our main product lines include boronic acids, imidazoles, indoles and oxindoles, anilines, nitrobenzenes, tetrahydropyrans, thiazoles, pyrroles, pyridines and carboxylic acids.

KRISHGEN is a leading global supplier of high quality reagents and tools in the expanding market of life sciences research. The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. KRISHGEN has expertise in offering a wide range of biochemical including activators, inducers, agonists, antioxidants, apoptosis inducers and inhibitors, calcium modulators, ionophores and other biochemicals. As a trusted supplier, KRISHGEN offers a comprehensive product portfolio to ensure a seamless transition from research to commercialization. Our products combine a maximum of quality and safety with excellent performance due to state-of- the-art production, stringent in-house quality control and comprehensive documentation.

Signalway Antibody LLC, USA is committed to providing high-quality research reagents such as Inhibitors and compound libraries and other reagents / kits for life science companies, universities and research institutes around the world.





Join KRISHGEN as a verified distributor to get access to over 1 million sku’s, including reagents, biochemicals and assays. Your one stop vendor for life sciences.

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