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KRISHGEN is driven to offer food safety and quality testing assays and kits using the latest technology that you can trust.


Our products are one of the broadest on the market based on ELISA and PCR. KRISHGEN Qualichek™ Assays allow the safe and reliable detection of a broad range of significant pathogens; DNA from genetically modified organisms; and the authentication of important ingredients and potential allergens.


Apart from our own products, we also distribute for leading companies in Europe.


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In these times of quality vigilance and product claim assertions, we also have our Qualichek™ Species Identification Kits to ensure no product contaminations.


QUALICHEK™ Assay for Dairy Industry

Species Chek: Buffalow Milk in Cow Milk QUALICHEK™ ELISA, qualitative

This kit enables easy screening of cow’s milk with buffalo milk contamination/mix-up. Manufacturers who claim 100% cow’s milk in their products like milk, cheese, ghee - the kit enables 100% verification of their claims.


Astori Labs, Italy



Astori Tecnica has been developing and manufacturing scientific instruments and rapid kits for the analysis of milk & dairy, food and beverage samples, for microbiological applications and other specific or generic uses in various analytical sectors for more than 50 years.


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