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Medical Diagnostics

KRISHGEN is a leading provider of diagnostic IVD assays and kits since 2003. Being one of the oldest and with strong technical support, we are able to provide competitive prices along with complete range of assays for Autoimmune Disease, Infectious Diseases, Tumor Markers, Torch Panels, Vitamin Estimation, Thyroid, Allergy, Catecholamines, Bone Markers, Allergy and much more.

Our assays are suitable for manual and automated systems and span ELISA, RIA, PCR, Real Time PCR, HPLC, Mass Spec (MS), HLA (SSP), NGS amongst others. We also offer IVD and new RUO markers for IHC testing.

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    BioCheck, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, was founded in January 1997, to develop and manufacture high-quality enzyme immunoassay test kits for the worldwide biomedical, pharmaceutical, and scientific research markets. The founders have brought over four decades of experience, enabling BioCheck to quickly provide reliable and sensitive products to its customers.

    Since 1971, Biomerica has developed, manufactured, and distributed medical diagnostic products for the early detection and monitoring of chronic diseases and certain medical conditions. Biomerica is proud of its history of product innovation spanning more than three decades in several major clinical areas. It was the first Company to manufacture and market tests for: Myoglobin (Cardiac), H. Pylori (Digestive Disease), Histamine (Allergy), Self test for Colon Disease (Digestive) & Early detection of Diabetes (Diabetes)

    CIS Biotech Inc. is a research and development company focused on bringing to the marketplace unique disease-associated biomarkers and in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) tools to fulfill unmet needs in serological assessment of stroke or brain attack. CIS Biotech is primarily engaged in research, development, and marketing of products in the cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease area and in diabetes. CIS Biotech has developed proprietary cost-effective test kits that shorten the time required by a physician to diagnose the type of stroke accurately and initiate appropriate treatment. Using just a few drops of a patient’s blood, the test kits: require no supporting diagnostic equipment deliver timely and highly reliable diagnostic results, are considerably less expensive than other diagnostic regimens, and are user-friendly.

    Develops and markets unique immunoassay kits that make a difference in the field of diagnostics and public health As technology in the field progressed the founders of DBC recognized the need to develop simple and non-isotopic kits for customers. With a strong research initiative, DBC successfully converted from RIA to the ELISA and LIA technologies of today.

    GA Generic Assays GmbH was established in 2002 by Professor Dr. Dirk Roggenbuck. The company focuses primarily on products for the differential diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.

    Generic Assays is a company that faces the challenges of the diagnostic market and presents you as a customer with a partner who purposefully engaged in the development of new market-relevant products. Here, innovation and quality are of prime importance, without neglecting cost-effectiveness .

    The newest developments from Generic Assays are the CytoBead® Assays - a revolutionary combination of cell based immunofluorescence, for screening, and antigen coated microparticles, for differentiation and confirmation of antibody specificity. Through this one-step method of serum testing, in comparison to the currently used two-step process, a completely new organization of the medical laboratory process is made possible

    Immunodiagnostic Systems Holdings PLC (hereafter referred to as IDS) is a leading in-vitro diagnostic solution provider to the clinical laboratory market. They develop, manufacture and market innovative immunoassays and automated immunoanalyser technologies to provide improved diagnostic outcomes for patients. Our immunoassay portfolio is a combination of an endocrinology specialty testing menu and assay panels in complementary fields.

    Our IDS heritage within certain endocrinology fields, including vitamin D testing, offers a solid platform on which to develop a market-leading endocrinology menu: Bone metabolism | Calcium metabolism | CKD-MBD (Chronic Kidney Disease & Mineral Bone Disorders) | Fertility | Growth disorders | Hypertension

    Quidel commenced operations in 1979 and launched its first products in 1984. Their core competencies and capabilities include immunoassay development, automated manufacturing, monoclonal antibody characterization and development, and molecular assay development. Our current products fall generally into these categories:

    • lateral flow, where we are market leaders in infectious disease and reproductive health;
    • direct fluorescent antibodies (DFA), with expertise in infectious disease and virology;
    • micro-titer production, with a focus on bone and complement pathway markets;
    • fluorescent immunoassay products (Sofia); and
    • molecular diagnostic products including the world’s first FDA-cleared handheld molecular device.

    The diagnostic kits which are produced by Krishgen Biosystems is cutting-edge technology that make it possible to implement health programs that either prevent or make more manageable infectious diseases. Krishgen BioSystems proposes innovative diagnostic tools for the detection of infectious veterinary diseases. Our innovative strategy includes :

    • Improvement in test performance
    • Protocol simplification
    • Detection of emerging pathologies
    The product line of Krishgen Biosystems is easy to use and most reliable.

    LDN was founded in 1996 in Nordhorn, Germany, with the aim to develop, manufacture and supply specialty in-vitro diagnostics test systems and innovative technologies to the clinical and research laboratory markets. From the beginning the determination of Biogenic Amines with immunological test systems was in the core of their business – where they are nowadays the worldwide market leader. Integral part of this success are e.g. their assays for the quantitative determination of Free Metanephrines in plasma, the Catecholamines, Histamine and Serotonin.

    Mediagnost, founded in 1985, is dedicated to the research and manufacture of diagnostic test systems and has evolved into a modern and innovative enterprise whose products and diagnostic tools are marketed across the globe.

    The manufacturing processes of our diagnostic products fulfill the requirements of the European Directive 98/79/EC. Therefore Mediagnost established a quality management system which is certified by a notified body according to ISO 13485.

    MEDIPAN was founded in 1992 close to the Berlin-Brandenburg-International Airport in Schönefeld. The goal of MEDIPAN is the development, manufacturing and distribution of radioactive and nonradioactive in vitro diagnostic tests, covering the fields of autoimmunity.

    MEDIPAN GMBH is a continuously growing company, in the domestic and international diagnostic markets. Today, our company is an innovative and world renowned partner for laboratories and physicians, for the indications above and also in the fields of rheumatic and neurological disease.

    RSR is a major developer and manufacturer of medical diagnostics with particular emphasis on autoimmune thyroid disease, type 1 diabetes mellitus, neuroimmunology and adrenal autoimmunity. These products are concerned with detection and measurement of various autoantibodies and as such are used in disease diagnosis and management. A high proportion of the company’s output is exported with the European Union, the USA and Japan being the main overseas markets.

    RSR has an extensive research program which includes identifying new autoantigens and autoantibodies, understanding the nature of the interaction between autoantigens and autoantibodies and using this information to establish and commercialise new assay methods.

    ScheBo® • Biotech AG is an innovative biotech company that is active in the fields of development, production and marketing of diagnostics.

    Continuous innovation, strong customer focus and creative problem solving have made ScheBo®• Biotech AG a worldwide leading manufacturer of unique products and specialiced in the manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies against a variety of antigens, the development of routine test procedures (e.g. ELISA systems, biosensors) and the identification and isolation of target proteins

    CareDx, Inc. is dedicated to improving the lives of organ transplant patients through noninvasive diagnostics. CareDx provides with OLERUP HLA typing kits used for determination of HLA typing results for donor and recipient in kidney and bone marrow transplant cases.

    CareDx provides OLERUP HLA typing products -

    OLERUP SSP – OLERUP SSP consists of OLERUP HLA PCR typing kits for the DNA of HLA Class I and HLA Class II alleles providing low resolution typing for donor and recipient.

    QTYPE - QTYPE enables speed and precision in HLA typing at a low to intermediate resolution for donor and recipient DNA that require a fast turn-around-time. OLERUP SBT – OLERUP SBT consists of high resolution HLA typing kits including approximately 100 HARPS which are available for resolving heterozygous ambiguities.

    OLERUP XM-ONE -- Olerup XM-ONE cross matching provides information on presence of non-HLA antibodies compared to the currently used lymphocyte crossmatch tests.

    KinesisDx is a Californian Biotech company setup in 2014 with the aim to offer competitive services to their clients / sponsors. In the process, they have also leveraged their strength in offering cost competitive product solutions for many products through our China counter-part..

    CE Marked kits with mobile phase, internal standard, calibrator, when necessary derivatizing, deproteinizing, wash solutions, SPE and all necessary to perform the test

    HPLC kits available for Diabetes, Thalassemia, Biogenic Amines, Osteoposrosis, Metabolic Disease, Drug Monitoring, Bio Monitoring, Vitamin Profiling, Occupational Medicine

  • Column Oven with deviation valve to allow automatic selection of proper column to any analytical parameter.
  • Work flow with low volumes, typical from 0.6 to 0.7 I/min
  • Low consumption of eluentsto reduce cost of analysis and disposal of solvents.
  • High resolution Anaytical column, FAST option
  • Simply rapid method
  • BIORON Diagnostics‘ expertise is based on in-depth knowledge of techniques in Molecular Biology and more than 10 years’ experience gained by our sister company BIORON GmbH as a well-known producer of enzymes for molecular biology.

    In spite of the fantastic advances in the field of DNA analysis in the last 5 years, real time PCR remains the most requested technique for practical labs working in DNA/RNA diagnostics. The majority of BIORON Diagnostics kits for practical applications use real time PCR. We provide convenient techniques in diagnostics such as lyophilized, ready-to-use mixtures with a long shelf-life and the ability to be transported at room temperature. All kits are “open systems” which can be used basically with all current real time PCR machines.

    Curie Diagnostics provides several types of PCR diagnostic kits for clinical diagnostics. Kits are designed according to laboratory facilities for electrophorese, FEP and Real-Time PCR detection.

    Several Real-Time / FEP kits allow in one multiplex PCR reaction to establish the presence of several infectious agents, that increases the speed of detection and reduces the cost of examinations.

    Curie Diagnostics provides more than 350 different types of PCR diagnostics kits developed for clinical, veterinary diagnostics and human genome testing. Kits are designed according to laboratory facilities for electrophorese, FEP (Fluorescence End-Point) and Real-Time PCR detection, as well as for pyrosequencing technology.

    Curie Diagnostic kits have high sensitivity, high specificity and a very competitive price. Most of them have CE certificate.

    Precision medicine starts with precision diagnostics – this is the core belief of GenomeMe. Since its inception in 2015, GenomeMe has been developing and commercializing novel IVD tools for the detection, characterization and prognosis of cancer in order to make precision medicine more accessible.

    GenomeMe was recognized as the 19th Biggest Life Science Company in British Columbia in 2016 by Business in Vancouver Magazine and Life Science BC. They use the most powerful DNA sequencing and quantification technologies currently on the market to develop products and services to make tomorrow’s healthcare solutions available today.

    Kornberg Seqnostics provides with Real Time PCR Based Disease Associated HLA kits.

    They include Ankylosing Spondylitis (HLA B*27), HSR to Abacavir (HLA B*57), Coeliac disease, BSRC (HLA A*29), Behcet disease (HLA B51/52) and Narcolepsy.





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