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Plant Sciences

We offer assays, reagents and reference standards to enable scientists to improve breeding, yield and resistant for crops. KRISHGEN with its expansive knowledge having served the industry since 2006 has focused on ensuring these kits and reagents are available at affordable costs.

GENLISA ELISA kits are used for detecting pathogens in different crops. KRISHGEN offers reliable, affordable and accurate kits for the same. We offer these kits in a standardized format. All our ELISA kits are available with ELISA Reagents, Controls, Buffer, Microplates, and instructions for use.

Depending on the product you procure, the components would vary. We also offer pre-coated, ready to use ELISA kits for your testing.

We also offer GMO based kits for detection of GMO in crops including cotton, brinjal, rice and others for genes including Bt Cry 1Ab/Ac, Bt Cry2Ab/Ac, Cry 1F, XmOne, CP4EPSPS, Pat etc.

Our expansive range of chemicals, reagents and reference standards including from our partners help us serve our scientists effectively as a one stop shop.

Extrasynthese has developed a catalog of hundreds phytochemical standards: polyphenols, carotenoids, terpenes, alkaloids, lipids, oligosaccharides … used as reference materials for regulatory filing and quality testing or as substrates for early stage research.



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