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Antibodies for your Bioassays - PK / Immunogenicity - Bridging | Ligand Binding | Neutralizing

KRISHGEN offers highly specific, high affinity anti-biotherapeutic antibodies to support preclinical research, clinical trials and patient monitoring for innovator and biosimilar products from leading companies Bio-Rad and Sino Biologicals. Biorad uses the HuCAL recombinant monoclonal antibody library and an improved method of antibody phage display to generate these fully human antibodies in Fab and full immunoglobulin formats.

Sino offers quality antibodies for developing your assays maintaining quality and consistency.

Leading biosimilar companies in India procure these antibodies from us for their biosimilar assays.

We are uniquely placed that when we sell these antibodies, we are also major users of these antibodies as we use them to develop our own assays which are commercially offered as ready-to-use ELISA kits.

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ADCP Assays

The classic assay format is based on PBMC-derived macrophages as effector cells. After extraction of fresh human PBMCs, monocytes will be isolated and differentiated in culture to macrophages. The workflow is much more sophisticated than ADCC and usually takes more than one-week period. Phagocytosis events will be analyzed using FACS screening, and a dose-dependent curve will be generated to assess the ADCP potency in detail. Of note, effector cells from distinct donors cannot be pooled due to MHC restrictions. Hence, samples from a battery of donors must be applied to reduce donor-specific variability.


However, this is resolved today with off-the-shelf macrophages now available with Certificate of Analysis standardizing their isolation in cryopreserved formats.


No tedious steps

Easy-to-use Macrophages now available !!!


Primary ADCP assay can be a powerful tool for early phage confirmation of in-vivo ADCP liability, as well as for biocompatibility assessment of biosimilars and biobetters.


the challenge to offer macrophages or do the isolation in-house led to alternate methods including reporter-gene based assays which are expensive to perform and still do not reflect the true MOA (mechanism of action) as they use engineered cell lines. 


Macrophage-based ADCP assay can reflect the ADCP MOA with improved specificity, sensitivity, accuracy; it can also be established in quality control, drug development settings. Our fast, accurate, reproducible and cost-effective platform can deliver compelling data regarding in vivo ADCP bioactivities as well as lot release and stability evaluation.




Human M1 Macrophages (GM-CSF), monocyte-derived

Human M2 Macrophages (M-CSF), monocyte-derived

Primary human macrophages are hard to isolate from tissue in sufficient amounts with a homogeneous phenotype, do not proliferate in culture, and are difficult to handle in vitro.


Krishgen’s PromoCell cryopreserved human monocyte-derived macrophages (hMDM) provide a convenient and easy-to-handle solution. The thawed cells plate into all tissue culture vessel formats and can be maintained as adherent, biologically functional cultures for several weeks.


Cryopreserved human macrophages are produced from human monocytes in well-proven M1/M2- Macrophage Generation Media DXF and are available as non-activated, fully qualified M1- (GM-CSF) or M2- (M-CSF) polarized cells. Each cryo-vial contains more than 1.5 million or 5 million viable cells after thawing, respectively.



Assay-ready: Fully functional, adherent M1/M2 macrophages

Save time and start your experiments immediately with a defined cell number

Wide range of donors available

Each lot is tested for: CD68+, CD80+ (M1); CD68+, CD163+ (M2)


Call us to learn more or email your queries at: sales@krishgen.com


Catalog No

Product Name

Pack Size


Human M1 Macrophages (GM-CSF), Monocyte-derived, single donor

1,5 Mio cryopreserved cells


Human M1 Macrophages (GM-CSF), Monocyte-derived, single donor

5 Mio cryopreserved cells


Human M2 Macrophages (M-CSF), Monocyte-derived, single donor

1,5 Mio cryopreserved cells


Human M2 Macrophages (M-CSF), Monocyte-derived, single donor

5 Mio cryopreserved cells


Fc Protein Receptors

The efficacy of a therapeutic antibody is dependent on the Fab fragment and its binding activity to the target antigen, as well as the Fc fragment and its interaction with key Fc receptors. The binding affinity of the Fc fragment towards FcRn (FCGRT&B2M) helps in understanding the antibody’s half life. The affinity between the Fc fragment and FCGRIIIA (CD16a) influence’s the antibody’s ability to elicit ADCC (antibody dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity). Thus, screening for desired binding affinity to these Fc receptors is an essential component in the development of a therapeutic mAb (monoclonal antibody) and characterization for regulatory submissions.

We offer a comprehensive suite and the most extensive range of recombinant Fc receptor proteins, including their common variants, to help expedite your Mab/biosimilar development. 



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