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KinesisDx is a leading US brand now part of the KRISHGEN family. We have the widest range of ELISA / immunoassay kits, antibodies for your sciences. With over 30,000 human ELISA kits for human markers like cytokines, chemokines, hormones, corticosteroids and signalling markers, we offer sensitive quality assays.

KinesisDx animal ELISA includes kits for rat elisa kit, mouse elisa kit, goat elisa kit, sheep elisa kit, porcine elisa kit, bovine elisa kit, chicken elisa kit, horse elisa kit and other animal markers. Our animal assays are widely used by veterinarians, animal vaccines companies, and animal diagnostic companies.

Since 2012, KinesisDx kits are widely cited in leading journals across the world including Cell, Nature.

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