In vitro safety testing of chemicals, cosmetics and biotech industrial products.

Skin corrosiveness testing is conducted to ensure that chemicals and products are properly labeled to alert consumers and workers to take precautions to prevent chemical burns to the skin and eyes. Dermal Corrosion assay is performed using in vitro model Corrositex developed by In Vitro International.

Corrositex is an in-vitro test that determines chemical corrosivity and permits assignment of Packing Group classification for Class 8 corrosives. This test replaces the rabbit test of dermal corrosivity by providing a reliable means of mimicking this test. The proprietary core technology of the Corrositex test is based upon a bio-membrane and chemical detection system, which becomes colored when exposed to potentially corrosive substances.


Time Savings: Unlike animal testing that can take 2 to 4 weeks, Corrositex testing can provide a Packing Group determination in as little as 3 minutes and no longer than 4 hours.

Cost Savings: In a recent evaluation, one customer saved up to $50,000 annually, in shipping costs, for a single compound when using the Corrositex test to define the Packing Group instead of relying on pH. In addition to the reduction in shipping charges, additional cost savings are found in the areas of workplace safety and MSDS development.

Regulatory acceptance like OECD, DOT, ECVAM, FDA, IATA etc.

Key Features

  • Rapid, reliable and cost effective testing.
  • Tests carried out as per specific guidelines.
  • Well-equipped Laboratory with fully automated sample testing systems.
  • Superior technical expertise.
  • Advanced data analysis software, data storage and analysis.
Test Model Starting Price (per sample) Turnaround time Sample quantity required Nature of Sample
Dermal corrosion assay corrositex Rs. 1,57,000/- 2 Week Solid: 1 gm Solid, liquid, etc.
        Liquid: 1.5 ml  
  • Extra charges applicable if sample needs additional pretreatment.
  • Extra charges applicable for rapid turnaround time.
  • Please enquire us for more details.




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