In vitro safety testing for chemicals, cosmetics, household products, pharmaceutical, medical devices and textiles:

Krishgen Biosystems offers skin irritation and Ocular irritation test that have been endorsed by the ECVAM Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC) as validated in vitro replacement for the Draize Skin / Ocular Irritation Test – OECD Test guidelines 439. Skin irritation tests are performed using in vitro 3D human reconstructed skin tissue models developed by Episkin.


An ethical method

Carried out in vitro, the SkinEthic reconstructed Epidermis and In Vitro international Irritection method makes it possible to evaluate the irritant potential of chemical products, without using animal testing.

The use of a suitable standardized model

Compared to in vivo study, the SkinEthic reconstructed epidermis and Irritaction assay that allows use of measurement systems that produces quantitative, reproducible results.

A validated method

The ECVAM validation of the method has shown its reproducibility within and between laboratories, and demonstrated that it is rapid and economical.

Key Features

  • Superior technical expertise.
  • Rapid, reliable and cost effective testing.
  • Tests carried out as per specific guidelines.
  • Advanced data analysis software, data storage and analysis.
  • Well-equipped Laboratory with fully automated sample testing systems.
Test Model Starting Price (per sample) Turnaround time Sample quantity required Nature of Sample
Dermal Irritation assay RHE Contact us 4 – 5 Weeks 40 mg or 40 ul (for triplicate run) Solid, liquid, cream, gel etc.
  Episkin Contact us 4 – 5 Weeks 50 mg or 50 ul (for triplicate run)  
  Irritection Assay Contact us 2 weeks Solid : 2gm Solid, Liq etc.
        Liquid: 2 ml  
Ocular Irritation Assay   Contact us 2 weeks Solid : 2gm  
        Liquid: 2 ml  
  • Extra charges applicable if sample needs additional pretreatment.
  • Extra charges applicable for rapid turnaround time.
  • Please enquire us for more details.

The MTT cytotoxicity assay:

A simple robust test for evaluating cellular viability following application of an irritant/toxic agent. The validated method enables evaluation of the viability of epidermal samples after a set time in contact with the product.

IL – 1α release (optional with extra charges)

IL1 alpha measurement in culture media increases the sensibility of the test. Products can thus be classified according to EU and OECD norms.



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