Mycoplasma contamination is a significant problem to the culture of cells / cell lines used for research. Mycoplasma can cause devastating effects on eukaryotic cells as they can modify the cellular parameter leading to variable experimental results and potentially unsafe biological products. Mycoplasmas cannot be detected by visual inspection using a normal light microscope and thus, can remain unnoticed in the cell cultures for long periods. This makes the testing for Mycoplasma essential to ensure reliable research and reproducibility of data.

Key Features

  • Superior technical expertise.
  • Rapid, reliable and cost effective testing.
  • Tests carried out as per specific guidelines.
  • Advanced data analysis software, data storage and analysis.
  • Well-equipped Laboratory with fully automated sample testing systems.
Test Test type Sample volume required Nature of sample Turnaround Time Starting price per sample (in duplicates) (in INR)
Mycoplasma testing Service Conventional PCR Minimum 1 ml Cell culture supernatant 3-5 days after receipt of the sample Rs. 16,910
  • Extra charges applicable if Sample need additional pretreatment.
  • Please inquire us for more details


Culture suspension or adherent cells, primary cells, virus stocks and other biological can be tested. Culture supernatants are the preferred sample material.


Polymerase Chain Reaction is the most commonly used technique used for detecting Mycoplasma. The Mycoplasma DNA is isolated and amplified in vitro by DNA polymerase using specific primers to generate adequate amount of target, which is visualized on the agarose gel for detection.


The primer used in this assay amplifies the highly conserved 16S rRNA region of the Mycoplasma genome. The detection spectrum includes Mycoplasma orale, Mycoplasma fermentans, Mycoplasma hyorhinis, Mycoplasma argininii, Mycoplasma salivarium, Mycoplasma hominis, Acholeplasma laidlawii and many other species. However, this assay does not detect the clinically relevant species Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Ureaplasma urealyticum which are not known as cell culture contaminants. Eukaryotic DNA is not amplified. A successful PCR reaction is indicated by a distinct 479 bp band derived from the internal control DNA on the agarose gel.


The detection limit is approx. 10-15 fg of Mycoplasma DNA.


The result is reported as Detected or Not Detected.


The results are reported 48 to 72 hrs from receipt of the samples.

Samples are to be shipped frozen (dry ice).
Sample should be clear and non-hemolyzed.
Samples should be properly packed and parafilm sealed in falcon tubes or vials.
Any sample that is tampered or which does not adhere to the above terms on receipt will not be processed further.



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