Dr Jayaraman D.

Lead Scientist Leading CRO Company

I have been working with a team from KRISHGEN on an assay development and customization before giving us. The project was complicated and needed technical expertise in immunology as we were working on an insulin analog. I was very pleased with their technical competence and also mastering immunology and delivering a tough project to us on time. Their rigor, punctuality and expertise have been a recipe for the high standards, I would expect for such project from them. Kudos, Krishgen Team!!!

Mr Ramesh Sravanan

VP-Supply Chain

The expertise and command on the logistics chain including the regulatory guidelines from Krishgen is something we admire. As they often indicate, let us do the supplies, and let your team focus on science … is really something the company works on. Delivering consistently, with less than 1% error or delay consistently is the key to their success.

Dr Keith Stevens

Visiting Scientist, Norfolk University, UK

To have a company understand science and work with them, is a pleasure. Krishgen not only sells but understands what it sells in terms of the complex cutting edge sceince.

Mellisa Karlowski

Lead Researcher, east coast US CRO

The company is good on understanding its customers, is transparent and speaks science. This makes it easier for us to work with them.



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